Experience Sailing Like Never Before

The MaxAna

Undeniable head turner!
The Dragonfly 1200 is designed for safe ocean cruising and sailing.
The trimaran possesses the latest features that bring you an experience like no other boat charter

Unmatched Stability – At 29 feet width MaxAna noticeably less susceptible to excessive rocking on ocean waves. People prone to sea sickness feel a lot more comfortable on board.

Vertical Attitude – Trimaran unique construction allows it to travel without noticeable list even under strong side winds. You can walk upright on board without holding on to things and your drinks will not slide of the table.

Large Wingspan – When the wings are open, the MaxAna offers 29 feet of space, creating a private beach for you anywhere in the ocean.

Unmatched Comfort – the MaxAna features three cabins with AC, a TV, and a powerful stereo for relaxing; an immaculate bathroom and shower; and three refrigerators, a grill and a stove for all of your culinary needs and libationary desires.

Low Draft – The Dragonfly can be beached easily to shore, so that you can explore the islands or jump out on a remote sand beach. You can bring the boat on the sandbar – no need for a dinghy.

Fast Sailing – The Dragonfly is designed to sail fast, and to sail quietly, leaving the engine noise, vibrations and fumes behind.


Sailing Packages

Set sail for a morning snorkeling cruise/sailing lesson, or catch an afternoon trip. If those don't work for you, you can always come out to watch the sun set with a front row seat.

Offering 4, 6, and 8 hour exclusive charter options, as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne, this is the perfect way to spend your day.

Trimaran MaxAna is one of the most versatile vessels out there. If you have a specific fantasy trip in mind let us know and we will make it happen.


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Everything about my experience with Scarlet Sails Charters was absolutely spectacular! I went for my friend’s birthday and definitely will be recommending it to family and friends! My favorite part was being able to comfortably lounge and swim.

Julia R.

All around Scarlet Sails was an amazing experience. The best captain and staff to offer, an enjoyable sailing experience and a time to let loose and have fun! This comes highly recommended for a girls trip!

Mallory D.

Had a great time on this boat, definitely booking another trip. Captain and staff were very friendly , boat was spacious and easily accommodated eleven of us.

Santiago A.

About Us

Experience sailing like never before onboard the largest, fastest, and most comfortable trimaran, the Dragonfly 1200. Measuring 40 feet in length by 30-foot wingspan, you can enjoy fast sailing on this spacious yacht. Enjoy the fresh air while gliding over the ocean at 15 speed knots!


The MaxAna is a sailing yacht available for daily charter. 

Are you ready to bring unforgettable memories to you and your friends and family? 

Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to a boat trip in the Fort Lauderdale area? 

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